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        Cixi Chima Metal Products Co., Ltd.

          Cixi Chima Metal Products Co., Ltd. is located in Cixi City on the south bank of Hangzhou Bay. It is a professional manufacturer of aluminum sheet and strip. The company now has advanced production equipment such as continuous casting and rolling production line, cold rolling production line, automatic stamping production line and high-precision testing instruments such as spectrometer, metallographic instrument, pull punching machine and hardness tester. It has an annual output of 50,000 tons of aluminum plate strip. Production capacity. Due to the unique production process and strict quality control, the company's 1050, 1060, 3003, 8011 series aluminum sheet strips are leading the industry in terms of main properties such as ductility, tensile strength and grain size. It has become a supplier of substrates for domestic large-scale cookware manufacturers and new energy automobile manufacturers. Some products are exported to the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

        development Goals
        After three years of grinding and forging, it is the largest supplier of aluminum substrates for the largest cooking utensils, new energy vehicles, rail transit and 3C products in the local and surrounding areas. And gradually expand and extend the industry to the direction of “One Belt, One Road”.
        cooking utensils
        new energy vehicles:
        3C products
        company culture
        Casting pure gas, quenching fine gas, stretching, constant solid and gas
        core value
        Science, green, quality, and sincerity
        Laopu Village, Xinpu, Cixi, Zhejiang, China
        86 -574 -63576515
        86 -574 -63591886
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        Address:Laopu Village, Xinpu, Cixi, Zhejiang, China    Phone:0086-574-63576515
        Copyright 2019 Cixi Chima Metal Products Co., Ltd.
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